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    We participate in building Four plants located in Hebei Province and Neimenggu Province, each factory focus on different product ranges, the detail is below:

    Production Site -1

    Address: South Side Weier Road Songmen Park
    Total Investment sum is about USD30million, The main products include:
    p(o,m)-Toluic acid, p(o,m)-Tolunitrile, p-Toluoyl Chloride, 2-Aminophenol, 3-chloro-2methylaniline,

    p(o)-Chloromethylbenzonitrile, 2-Chlorothioxanthone, Terephthalaldehyde, optical brightener 199 and 199:1, etc

    Production Site -2

    Total Investment sum is about USD15millions, The main products include:

    Optical Brighteners: OB, OB-1, CBS-X, KCB, etc; UV absorbers: 329, 1164, 1577, Antioxidants: 1330, 1024, 1098, 565, etc; Electronic Chemicals.

    Production Site-3
    Total investment sum is about USD10million, the main products include:
    Biphenyl, Diphenyl Oxide, Heat Transfer Fluids( Biphenyl+Diphenyl Oxide Blend, Hydrogenated Terphenyl, RFCTHERM-62), DMSO,

    Octane Booster: Ferrocene, N-methylaniline, MMT

    Dielectric Oil(Transformer Oil): M/DBT; PEPE, PXE

    Production Site-4

    2'-chloroacetophenone, 2'-fluorophenone, acetophenone, 2-iodobenzoic acid, 4-bromobiphenyl, 4,4'-dibromobiphenyl, 2-chlorothioxanthone


    Production Equipments:
    Each plant separately have many 500~5000L significant glass-lined and stainless reactors,rectification and solvent recovery devices, cooling system, centrifuge  and other filtration Equipments, double cone tumble dryers and test instruments,  Fulton Hot Oil Boilers, High pressure steam boiler, vacuum pumps, Deionized water reverse osmosis unit and sewage treatment equipments.
    Partial Pictures of Our Plants---Intermediates and Additives

    Partial Pictures of Our Plants---Heat Transfer Fluids

    Quality Control Center:
    Quality Control Center is the most key department of all our management system, all our analytical chemists have years of experience in quality control and must be subject to 6 months training and attend a strict evaluation system to ensure that all employees are capable of performing their job duties.
    We build up a strict evaluation system for the suppliers and rigorous quality control program, we requires inspection and/or testing of raw materials and in-process and finished products., We maintain COA and testing documentation to ensure product traceability.
    Our QC is fully equipped with the latest instruments, following is a list of our comprehensive analytical abilities:
    Chromatography Techniques
    ·High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC - UV detector)
    ·Gas Chromatography (GC - FID detector)
    ·Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC)
    Spectroscopy Techniques
    ·Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR)
    ·UV/VIS Spectrophotometry
    Other Techniques
    ·Karl Fischer (coulometric and volumetric)
    ·Viscometry ((capillary and Brookfield)
    ·Titrimetric analysis (auto and manual)
    ·Color analysis (APHA and Gardner)
    ·Moisture / Loss on drying
    ·Conductivity analysis (TDS meter)
    ·Melting point, Flash point
    ·Sulphur and Chlorine Content

    Partial Pictures of Our Analytical Instruments

    -Optical Brighteners
    -UV Absorbers
    -Photo Initiators
    - Fuel Oil Additives
    -Polymerization Inhibitors
    -Thermal Paper Materials
    -Organometallic Chemicals
    -Epoxy Resin
        Heat transfer fluid
    -M/DBT Dielectric Oil
    -PEPE Dielectric Oil
    -p-Toluic acid
    -m-Toluic acid
    -Thiophene-2,5-dicarboxylic acid
    -Trifluoromethanesulfonic acid
    -Trifluoromethanesulfonic anhydride
    -2-Cyanobenzyl chloride
    -4-(methylamino)benzoic acid
    -4-Hydroxycinnamic acid

    Address:12A-11 Yangguang Shuma Building, 596 Huang Pu Road,

    DaLian, Liaoning 116023, P.R. China

    Tel:0411-84820922 84821539




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