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    Chemical Name:Catocene
    Other Name: 2,2-Bis(ethylferrocenyl) Propane
    CAS No.: 37206-42-1
    Physical and Chemical Properties:
    Appearance Brown-red sticky liquid
    Packing: 10kgs/drum.

    Structural Formula:

    Product Details:Please view our PDF:    Catocene.pdf


    Product name: Methylcyclopentadienyl Manganese Tricarbonyl
    Trade Name: MMT, Gasoline Antiknocking Agent, Octane Booster
    CAS No.: 12108-13-3
    Appreance: orange or brown liquid
    Content: 62%, 98%
    Packaging: 200L barrel(200kgs for 62% and 225kgs for 98%)
    Application: Gasoline

    Structural Formula:

    Product Details:Please view our PDF:    MMT.pdf


    Chemical Name:Bis(cyclopentadienyl)iron, Ferrocene
    CAS: 102-54-5
    Apperance: Orange Needle Like Crystalline powder
    Packaging: 25kgs/bag or 175kgs/bag.
    Capacity: 600mt/year
    Structural Formula:

    Product Details:Please view our PDF:    Ferrocene.pdf


    Product Name: N-methylaniline
    Trade Name: NMA, Non-metal Gasoline Octane Improver or Non-metal gasoline octane booster
    Cas: 100-61-8
    Apperance: yellow to brown liquid
    Packaging: 200kgs/barrel

    Structural Formula:

    Product Details:Please view our PDF:    N-methylaniline.pdf

    Product:2-Ethylhexyl Nitrate

    Product Name: 2-Ethylhexyl Nitrate
    Trade Name: 2-EHN Diesel Cetane Improver
    CAS No: 27247-96-7
    Application: Diesel Cetane Improver
    Packaging: 200L Barrel, Net 180kgs.
    Structural Formula:

    Product Details:Please view our PDF:    2-Ethylhexyl Nitrate.pdf

    Product:Anti-wear Agent ZDDP

    Product Name:Zinc dialkyldithiophosphates
    Trade Name: ZDDP
    Appication: as anti-wear additives in lubricants including greases, hydraulic oils, and motor oils. ZDDPs also act as corrosion inhibitors and antioxidants.
    packaging: 200L barrel, Net 200kgs.
    Structural Formula:

    Product Details:Please view our PDF:    Anti-wear Agent ZDDP.pdf

    Product:Lubricity Improver for Diesel Oil

    Product Name: Lubricity Improver or Antiwear Agent for Diesel Oil
    Model Number: FR5021
    Type: high molecular acid
    Appereance: Transparent liquid
    Application: low sulfur diesel oil
    Packaging: 200L barrel(net 170kgs)
    Structural Formula:

    Product Details:Please view our PDF:    Lubricity Improver for Diesel Oil.pdf

    Product:Diesel Exhaust Fluid

    Product Name: Diesel Exhaust Fluid
    other Name: DEF
    Ingredient: 32.5% High Purity Scr Urea,67.5% Third Stage Di Water
    Packaging: 10kgs, 200kgs, or Flexible Bag or IBC.

    Structural Formula:

    Product Details:Please view our PDF:    Diesel Exhaust Fluid.pdf
    -Optical Brighteners
    -UV Absorbers
    -Photo Initiators
    - Fuel Oil Additives
    -Polymerization Inhibitors
    -Thermal Paper Materials
    -Organometallic Chemicals
    -Epoxy Resin
        Heat transfer fluid
    -M/DBT Dielectric Oil
    -PEPE Dielectric Oil
    -p-Toluic acid
    -m-Toluic acid
    -Thiophene-2,5-dicarboxylic acid
    -Trifluoromethanesulfonic acid
    -Trifluoromethanesulfonic anhydride
    -2-Cyanobenzyl chloride
    -4-(methylamino)benzoic acid
    -4-Hydroxycinnamic acid
         Fuel Oil Additives
    -2-Ethylhexyl Nitrate
    -Anti-wear Agent ZDDP
    -Lubricity Improver for Diesel Oil
    -Diesel Exhaust Fluid

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